View MS streams video using a generic user account

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I have created a generic user account in AD and given it permissions for viewing some videos on MS Streams. I basically want all users in the organisation to access the video using the generic id and not domain id. I have a  .Net application in which the streams video URL is embedded in an Iframe . Is there any way I can pass the generic user credentials as parameters in the iframe for accessing the video?

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Hi @Supriya_2019 


Straight answer is No. there is no way to embed user creds as parameters to the embed URL and bypass the authentication mechanism. I am afraid this is not the right way to achieve your requirment. 


Here are two options to achieve your requirement. 


1. Wait still Microsoft Stream release REST APIs and then use them to query and retrieve the videos into your custom .Net app. REST APIs for Stream are in the pipeline. I do not have a timeline on this yet. 


2. Use Office 365 Video app to host your video until the Stream APIs are available. Office 365 Video App support API calls. 


Hope this answer gives you something to work with. 


All the best. 



Thanks for the input!