Videos recorded in Microsoft Teams meeting cannot be played after transferring to Stream.

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Microsoft Teams can record meetings by embedded tool, and will transfer to Stream automatically when the meetings are end. But seems it doesn't work from my side, the video cannot be played either in Teams site or Stream.

Please help to check if any settings are incorrect or any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance! :)

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@Calvin_0103  Try it from an other device, maybe the mobile app not using Wifi. If the problem is the same, wait till tomorrow and retry. If still the same, the error should be on Microsoft Stream side and you should submit a bug.

@Tomislav Karafilov Thanks for your reply, Tomi! :)

The interesting thing is that I reported this issue in Stream as well as I raised the query here yesterday.

Now the bug has been fixed and all the videos I recorded before can be played smoothly, both in Teams and Stream site.

Seems Microsoft Team helped me resolve the problem. :)