Videos not registering views

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For the last 4-5 days the view counts on the videos haven't been changing.  I'm watching people watch the videos start to finish, yet it doesn't track a view, not even my own?  Would be interested to know if anyone else is experiencing the same issue?

@microsoft would be great to know how i resolve this?

As there are no other analytics to show who/if people are watching the videos, it's important that the views count is tracking at least some form of engagement with the content.  Help!

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I'm so sorry you are running into a problem with view counts not working.


Can you open up a support ticket for this issue so we can get the right people looking into it?

Just in case other people come across this thread, I'm adding more information on how/when we count views. (I'm working with Aidan via private messages to see if the below is what he is seeing or if there is some bug/issue going on.)


When Stream Views are Added to View Count:

A view count is only counted when a user watches a video for a specific amount of time AND a view count is only counted for each user every 24 hours. 


So if you went and watched a video, and went back 5 minutes later to watch again, you should not see an increased view count (from yourself).  Obviously if another user watched the video, you would see an increase.  

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Thank-you Marc for your assistance in identifying the problem.


An outdated browser causing the views to not register.


For a company of Microsoft's size, for you to be so quick and efficient in responding and investigating does them credit.  Keep up the great work!

How long do viewers need to watch a video for it to register a view? 

@Laura Burton it varies based on the length of the video but in general it is 6 seconds