Video Resolution - Internet Speed Check

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Hi everyone. 


I am aware that Stream makes the lower qualities available first for speed, that's fine. But it has been over 12 hours now and it still will not let me change the quality to anything higher than 360p! 

When checking this on my iPad, it seems to be higher quality (can tell from looking at the video) although the iPad doesn't allow you to change playback qualities in the Stream app. 


I have read online that Stream performs a quick speed check to determine what quality can be played. My issue there is the internet connection in the school I work for is heavily filtered by the local council and there is a good possibility that the speed check is being blocked, therefore Stream cant do the check and is limiting us to 360p constantly. 


Is there anyway of providing us URLs or IP addresses that are used for this speed check so I can forward on to our council for firewall adjustments? 

Or any way of turning this check off? 







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