Video processing time for higher resolutions is unacceptable

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It takes far too long for higher quality streams to be processed. 360p is very low resolution and usually I need my videos to be available for watching on the same day. At this stage when I upload/record a video the only available streaming quality is 360p for a number of days, in fact I haven't successfully gotten a video to be available in anything higher that 360p. One video I have is on its 4th day since upload and is still only available in 360p.


This is totally unacceptable for a video hosting platform. I'd expect a 5 min video to be processed within an hour or less, not a week or less.

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@CodyMcCodeFace92  In what resolution do you upload your video? Videos are processed in multiple steps. You upload your original size and Stream renders 360p first. If this is finished, you get the "Video is processed" mail. Then other resolutions are rendered later, but you shoud have 360p and your original resolution. But, currently the max. resolution is 1080p. If your initial resolution is higher, stream would not provide the original video. See the playback restriction of on demand videos here:

@Tomislav Karafilov That could be part of the issue because I'm using a 2k monitor, but surely the processing down to 1080p should still work? Also why does the built in browser screen recording feature not highlight that as a problem and disallow you if it's not supported at higher resolutions?

@CodyMcCodeFace92I have a monitor resolution of 2560x1440 and my full screen recording original video is 1920x1080. Yes, a text hint would be very good!