Video playback not working for screen recordings published directly in browser

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Video playback is not working when publishing a screen recording directly in the browser. The video just has a spinning circle on it after being published. If the video is downloaded during review, then uploaded, it works. It appears to be an issue with screen recordings more than a minute long.


This is an issue for multiple users, and we've tried both Chrome and Edge browsers.




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@WorkFH Same issue here in Chrome and Firefox browsers. Our screen recordings that are re-uploaded won't play either. They play fine in VLC when downloaded. 


@Bonton @WorkFH - Is this an issue with screen recordings recorded directly in Stream? I asked our screen recorder PM to take a look at this thread, but you should also feel free to create a support ticket. If support can't figure it out they'll escalate it up to us in the product group for investigation.

@Marc Mroz Yes for us it's videos created via Create > Record Screen > Chrome Tab. 

Other Videos like recorded Teams meetings play back fine. I'll submit a support ticket. 


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@WorkFH @Bonton thanks for bringing this to our attention, this looks like a known issue and we're currently in the process of rolling out a fix. Can you confirm for me if these screen recordings include audio? We're seeing this issue with silent screen recordings. Until the fix is rolled out, you should be able to create working screen recordings by enabling your mic or checking "share audio" in the share window, or using the workaround of downloading and reuploading the video.

@marissazhang Our screen recordings are silent. Thanks for the info.

@marissazhang Do you know when the fix is scheduled to be released? unfortunately our users already recorded a number of videos and we would like them to start working as soon as possible.

@Pmeka Unfortunately I can't provide a good ETA on the release since rollout times can be unpredictable, but the fix has been checked in and we just need the release to GA. In the meantime, to get those videos working, you can download them from Stream and re-upload them.

Also unfortunate that if you've already uploaded the video to Stream, the download/re-upload workaround does not make the video accessible. It seems to work only if you download the video before uploading it to Stream.

@robijob For videos that have already been uploaded to Stream, you can fix them by downloading them, and re-encoding them into an MP4 using a tool like HandBrake (HandBrake: Open Source Video Transcoder), and then re-uploading to Stream.

@WorkFH An update - this fix has now been rolled out!