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I would like to use MS Stream as a platform for my group to download video content for an upcoming meeting.  How do I give them access to the group/channel to upload their videos but not able to view everyone's content on group/channel.  Is there a setting feature I can click to grant them access to upload but decline access to view the rest of the videos in the group/channel?



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Hi @Richelle Grajo

Hmm. Interesting one - upload but not view. Not through channels, because if you add video's to channels, the group which has the permissions on the channel will be able to see it. Even if you don't make video's visible in the channel, the group will have permissions on it.

I tested this - there is a way to do it
1.) Users upload video (not companywide) and owner permissions are set for themselves - call them User A) and the person who is managing (User B)
3.) The 'manager' (User B) creates a group/channel where only they have access
4.) The manager (User B) adds the group/channel permissions to the video

User A cannot see the channel or the videos within it. They can see their own video's in content but not the aggregated videos in the channel

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard 


So as a manager (user B) create a group, give access to user A (the group), and since I am the owner of the group, no one else can view it?

Would you mind sending a screen shot as well?  I am a visual learner.  ;)



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@Richelle Grajo 


Ah, no. Sorry, probably wasn't worded correctly


1. User A - the person who has the video uploads it

2. User A sets themselves (User A) and the video manager (User B) as owners on the video

3. User B creates a group with only user B in it

4. User B creates a channel with only the group having permissions over it

5. User B add permissions of the group/channel on the video


In screenshot it looks like this. Megan is User A. Lidia is User B. Lidia is the only member of group Private and Channel Private




Lidia can see channel private and all videos. Megan, as a user can see her own videos, but not see the channel. 


So several users (C, D, E, F, ...) upload, give permissions to User B who adds the videos to the channel where only User B can see all those videos together


Best, Chris