Video not playing embed problem - A setting in your browser is blocking cookies. Mobile only.

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This problem occurs just yesterday that our users weren't able to play embedded videos on our internal website. It says that the browser is blocking cookies. This occurs on mobile safari and chrome (tested on iPhone) but works in chrome on Android. 


Please also take note that the problem is only when browsing on mobile, iPhone in particular. This wasn't the case before. Before, it was working. Desktop is fine on different browsers including IE9. 


We are using the iFrame embed code from the Stream Video Page and putting it on WordPress to display the video.



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@Mark_JL I am also facing the same problem for the past 10 hours. the player is not working on iphone 6 but playing on laptop google chrome. 

@Mark_JL we are having the same issue, but in our case we are not using the embed code -- we are using the Stream web part in a Modern SP page. Works fine in Chrome but not in Safari. We get the same symptom.


We tried the workaround suggested in another thread of turning off Prevent Cross-Site Tracking, clearing cache & cookies, etc. but the web part still displays the same message (I have cookie blocking turned off too, and block pop-ups for good measure) -- and prompting to Open in a new window. All our MSFT and Apple versions are current.


Our company has standardized on Apple mobile devices and we are getting ready to roll out our brand new intranet built on SP modern. 



@Mark_JL Hi Mark, out of curiosity does clicking on the open in new window work for you?

Also do you have disable cross-site tracking turned on in your safari settings?

@carolyn910 to clarify,  is this in SP iOS native app or directly in the browser?

Has anyone got a solid fix for this.

75% of our users are on Safari and none of the stream embeds are visible.  Asking people to use chrome instead sucks! ;)

Been like this for a couple of months now.  Used to play fine in Safari.

@Mark_JL @Saili Raje - I have the exact same issue on Safari. Has this been resolved.
Video used to work fine. We attempted a move to Stream and IE 11 is not supported, and now Safari has issues. This doesn't look good at all.

adding my vote - I have the same issue.

We are a large corporate company with 3500 users, and having spent millions on O365 this is extremely disappointing

Have tried using 'embed code' and also the 'Stream widget'.... Both methods exhibit the problem in Safari.


I imagine there will be no fix because as far as Microsoft is concerned its a Safari problem.

@Maybejames unfortunately the only fix for this is to disable the setting that's blocking the cookies today. in Safari it's referred to cross-site tracking. in edge, it's blocking third part cookies etc. 

@carolyn910 I'd be happy to get on a call with you and help you debug your issue. I'll ping you offline. 

Were you able to try disabling the prevent cross-site tracking setting in safari? @Mohcine Chaouki 

Thank you!!! that solved it!
It would be awesome to have a KB article posted about this issue.

@Mohcine Chaouki 

What's your solution? I don't want to check the cookie settings.

there's unfortunately no other options besides this. Mohcine is referring to the setting in their solution.

Also, for context there are a number of other sites like teams that don't work correctly when this settind is enabled. @Jony_fang 

We have this same problem too. Asking iOS users to turn off cross site tracking is not a good answer or fix. It's too complicated to ask users to do that. Microsoft Stream needs to find some way to use cookies that comply with iOS default settings for cookies.


Can you explain what worked for you? I don't see a specific recommendation other than turning off the browser setting to Block third party cookies. Is this what you did?  I've tried that, but it is still not working for me. 


Thank you, Mark