Video lags and transcript issues

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I frequently watch streams videos at 2x the speed. The player keeps lagging and doesn't fetch more content aggressively enough. Is this something that can be fixed? 


Also, at 2x speed, the transcript that scrolls on the right hand side goes crazy with way too much scrolling. That is, it seems like, it is unable to keep up or is getting confused. 



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We aren’t making many changes to Stream (Classic) at this point, we are only doing critical security or loss of service fixes.

Stream (Classic) is in the process of being replaced by Stream (on SharePoint) which is uploading your videos to SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, or OneDrive instead. We haven’t announced a retirement date for Stream (Classic) yet but will likely do so later this year. When we set the retirement date you’ll have 1 year to migrate your videos before Stream (Classic) is shut down.