Video can't be seen by others

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Hi. I am pretty new to teams but it seems very intuitive and I have also watched helpful videos but cannot seem to overcome this regarding sharing videos. 

I have created a couple of videos and shared them by copying the link. When people have received the link it's tells them they do not have permission to view. 

Can you help please.


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Hi @wendyweal 


Thank you for reaching out. Please review permissions for your video to ensure that people in your organization you want to share your video have access. Details on setting permissions is here (watch the help video listed on top of this page)


Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions.





Do you want to share your videos to guests? This is not possible at the moment.

Thank you very much. I think i was confused as the videos seemed to be there and gave me a send option. But what i now know is that even though they are there, you have to download them first, and then upload them. Seemed counter intuitive as the send option was there anyway - but it makes sense to give permissions. Thanks


@wendyweal: Here are the 2 scenarios where you would set permissions for a video 

  1. For a video that you have already uploaded in Stream, you can edit permissions as shown in this page:
  2. For a new video that you want to upload, you can set permissions as shown in this page:

Hope this clarifies.




I have another question about videos and channels. I have all our company videos set to "Allow Everyone in your company to view video." I then put the videos into different Channels to organize them. Can everyone see the channels, or are Microsoft Stream channels personalized for me? And if everyone can't see the channels, if I put them in Groups, will everyone see them? Thanks.@Chabitha 

@Chabitha Thank you for this, very helpful. I still have not resolved my issue however.

I have joined Microsoft Teams and have created teams and channels. My plan was to invite people (some of which are guests - outside of my organisation) to my teams so that I could share info and videos to provide virtual learning for them. So I thought I could provide training by meeting with these guests on a video call (I have tried this and it works well) and I could then send them info etc. This is all fine (I think they just need to download Teams) but I was thinking that I could record myself doing videos and share these with the group (in the team or channel). I think I may have identified the issue - can you please confirm. Is is that they need to be in my actual organisation rather than a guest?  If so this is not going to do what I thought it would. They work for many different organisations and have orange of e mail addresses.