Using Mevo camera for livestreaming with MS Stream

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Hello, has anyone had any luck configuring the Mevo livestream camera with MS Stream for live events?


I love the portability and quality of this camera and would love to use it for Live Streaming events within MS stream. The camera does have the capability to stream via RTMP but am having difficulties pairing the two successfully. My hunch is that I will need to use Mevo's livestream software as the encoder before sending it to MS Stream. Any advice on how to successfully pair them would be greatly appreciated. 

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I've always used OBS, don't think the Mevo software is supported but you can try, here is manual config instructions:


List of supported software can be found here:


I've done OBS, and it's really just starting it up. Adding your webcam capture device. Editing your stream settings and plugging in the URL from the Stream into the URL and Clicking start stream, after some seconds you will see your feed come into the stream. 


Hope this helps. 

Hi. Wondering if you were able to find a way to make this work. I have a Yammer livestream requirement to capture our Monday meetings and stream live client and team events. Our AV guy recommended the Mevo camera, but I haven’t found any successful stories from anyone who made it work. Looking for any suggestions and recommendations.
Ramp is supported by live events so you should be able to use the URL provided by the live event and connect that to the camera to stream into The live event.

@Kim Clark Hey Kim,

I was able to get this working and would recommend it! The most difficult part for me was getting the Mevo camera to work on our secure network. If your company has complex firewalls put in place, you will need a savy network engineer to allow the video feed to have a consistent stream. Here is the article that describes the fix.

Once you can connect the Mevo with your network, open a live event is MS Stream and send the RTMP code to the mevo camera. That link should establish a good connection between the two. 

I specifically remember you need to start a live event in a specific order:
MS Stream - Host Live Event and Click - Set Up Live Event - Send RTMP Code to Mevo

Mevo - Connect Camera - Enter RTMP Code - Hit Go Live

MS Stream - Click Go Live

*Expect a 30second delay from seeing it live vs on your device. 


@knest... Thank you so much sharing all of that information. I’ll give it a try this week!

Hey @knest. I got the Mevo connected to our internal network successfully and can connect and see the capture from my phone, but where I'm stuck is setting the RMTP code. Do I need an external encoder for this, or is it a code I'm getting from Stream? Appreciate any specific instructions you have for getting this setup... we go live next Monday morning :)

@Kim Clark - Your Mevo camera setup is the encoder. So all you need to do is create the event in Stream, Teams, or Yammer, and then get the RTMP URL.


If you are just doing this directly in Stream here are the instructions:


If you want to do it from Teams you can as well, just pick "Produce with an external app or device" option: 


Or if you want your viewers to be in Yammer you can create the event from there as well, and pick the same "Produce with an external app or device":

@Marc Mroz 


Thank you... I figured it out :)