Update Video to newer version without creating a new one

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We would like to publish video content that may change over time. Is there a way to create an initial video, then after a few weeks update the video with new and improved content without adding a new video? We'd like to take advantage of the comments and views while adding the updated video over the top of the existing one.

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I think you get this by default as long as the video you upload has the same name (file name). @Marc Mroz correct?

I did a quick test and I have to say I was wrong...it seems there is no way to this Today because even if you upload a video with the same file name, Stream seems to treat as a different video

Seems logically correct - because backdated uploading of video's are not allowed in STREAM (at least until now) , then how can backdated comments/likes exist against the Video.


we were looking for a similar feature/API  too.