Unable to upload video.

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I'm wandering why I don't have the option to upload videos, but only "Create a channel" and "Live event". Does it depends on my student license?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @matteo_1234, the admin for your group has likely disabled video uploads.  Can you please check with them?  Thanks!

Hi @garrettbronner , thank you for your reply. But I don't think it's a problem with the group, because in the upload process I could upload a video and after choose the group or people to share it with. Tell me if I'm wrong but this is what I understood from this link :


Maybe I have to create a channel inside a group and after i can upload a video there….

Hi @matteo_1234 can you please describe when you see the error, and what you see specifically?  A screenshot would be great.  


FYI this is what it looks like if admins have restricted uploads.


@garrettbronner @matteo_1234 I am also unable to upload any videos or record Teams meetings. Our IT admins swear up and down that we are not restricted from doing so. I have uploaded lots of videos in the past but the button is missing as of late last week. No error, just no option to upload. Everyone else in my company that I have talked to has the same issue. We're on US East servers. I attached a screenshot.

Hi @Benzini  I apologize for this and am not sure why it's happening as we haven't made any changes.  Most likely there is something that your office administrator would need to review?  Could you please have them take a look at the following to make sure they haven't missed anything that could be restricting uploads:



If they believe there is no issue on the administrative portal, please ask them to file a ticket with a Microsoft support representative?  Thanks!

@garrettbronner Thanks for the information. I passed this along to our IT department.

Hi, did you get this sorted? @Benzini we have the same issue

@cliveQ in our case it was a problem that many people suggested: an administrative issue. Our IT staff had turned off the ability to upload videos but most people in the IT department didn't know about the change. Everything was fine once they re-enabled Stream uploads.