Unable to access Meeting Recordings

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Hi, realising that we missed the deadline to migrate videos from Stream Classic to Stream sharepoint. I see where some videos were selectively migrated however some in a specifiy period has not been, is there any way to still access these recordings to be able to do the migration before the complete shutdown of the platform? 

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I am having the same issue I reach out out to Microsoft and I wa giving conflicting information they told me that all access was disable on April 15th but when I look at Microsoft documentation is showing July 30th 2024. I recommend you to reach out to Microsoft. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/streamnew/stream-classic-to-new-migration-overview
Even I'm unable to access them, for me I have the links for the recording videos in a format : https://msit.microsoftstream.com/video/<GUID> but can access. Every time I open it leads me to this page saying : Microsoft Stream (Classic) isn't available Stream is not available for you right now. Contact your admin for help. Learn more