Trying to upload video in Microsoft Streams and no "Upload Video" option under CREATE

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Microsoft Streams (uploading videos)

I need to upload my MP4 videos to my Microsoft Streams account.

With the “how to upload videos” steps I need to see the below options:-





My account is only showing me the below options only under “Create”:



  • My company has FULL ACCESS to Microsoft Streams. How do you upload your videos onto Microsoft Streams with no option to “Upload Video” under Create?
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Your organization must have restricted who can upload to Stream (Classic) via an admin setting. However Stream (Classic) is eventually going to be retired we will likely announce a 1 years notice later this year or early next when the migration tool is generally available.

I suggest you use our solution Stream (on SharePoint) which really means uploading your videos to SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive.

See more info here:

@Marc MrozThanks so much! This is exactly what the issue was. I now have had that restriction removed and now have access to the "upload video" option in streams. Thanks Marc. 

If you are just starting to use Stream (Classic), I would highly suggest you use SharePoint instead. Stream (Classic) will retire and you’ll have to migrate content out of it and into SharePoint, over the next year after we set the retirement date.

Thanks Marc! That is really good to know. I'll check if this is Classic or Sharepoint that we have.