Transcript Skipping Post-Editing

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Has anyone had issues with transcripts skipping and not running smoothly post-editing? I've been doing the editing in the .vtt file, and whenever I upload the file, the transcription does not run smoothly. The only edits that have been made to the file are to the narration, not the encoding. Thanks!
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I totally agree
You could try opening a support case to see if we can figure out what the problem is. But in general, only very high priority or urgent fixes are being made to Stream (Classic) at this point. Sorry.

The transcript UI and scrolling in Stream (Classic) likely has some weird issues as there was always something not quite right with how it scrolled and synced with the video.

We haven’t announced a retirement date for Stream (Classic) but are heading toward announcing a retirement later this year if things go to plan. When we announce there will be a 1 year window to migrate your content to SharePoint and then we will shut down Stream (Classic).

So if you haven’t tried using SharePoint or OeDrive for your video instead of Stream (Classic), I highly suggest you try that and use it instead. We are under active development and improvements to transcripts for videos in SharePoint and ODB.

See what’s possible today if you use SP and ODB for your videos:

Marc, is there a way to directly get in touch with someone from MS regarding the retirement of Stream (Classic)? My organization leverages MS Stream (Classic) for a lot of our internal video communications, and I want to make sure, as Classic approaches retirement, that we don't suddenly have a major gap in our communications workflow.
If you have a Microsoft field person you can talk to them. Or we have twice a month office hours if you sign up here: