Transcript seem to be no longer taken into account in searches

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It seems the search tool in Stream Classic no longer take the transcript of all videos for research. 
As we plan to use it as a database for internal learning that is a problem. 


I saw there were similar issues in 2020 caused by updates in some datacenters. Is it the case here? For how long?


We are based in France.


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This help article explains the situation with transcripts in Stream (classic). Transcript search isn't fully supported in all cases anymore:

We are working on being able to generate transcripts for videos in SharePoint as part of our new plan for Stream (on SharePoint). English transcripts are rolling out right now. Other languages will be coming in the future. Once a video has a transcript in SharePoint it's indexed with real search so anywhere in M365 you can find videos in SP based on what's in the transcript.
Thanks or the reply. I saw this article explaining all vidéos won't necessarly have transcript but in our case i have tested searches on words that appear in videos that do have transcript and even there stream do not propose any résultats.

@Marc Mroz 
Regarding the Stream on sharepoint, what is the roadmap for rolling out? 


If I understand correctly it is normal that the  deep search fonctionnality  in stream classic does not work anymore and I should wait for the Stream (in sharepoint) to enable it? 

What about the capacité to share links with external (we are in France)?

See this help article for info on what's possibly today for videos in SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, OneDrive, what's coming, and roadmap:

Yes I believe that transcript search in Stream classic is going to be degraded in many cases.

Transcription of videos in English in SharePoint and OneDrive is rolling out now. When you do that they are indexed for m365 search as well.

Sharing video links externally is already supported in SharePoint and OneDrive using "anyone" links.
Transcripts are still not searched in new stream (at least not for us in US East), which is frustrating. I assume it is because of the datacenter issue (