Transcript not showing up

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I'm testing out the transcript feature which should be available to all, if i'm not mistaken.

The transcript doesn't show when the video is playing, I've already checked the settings and made sure everything is enabled for it as well.


Does it work with old videos or only the ones that you have just taken recently?

(by old I mean few months old not 1800 years old)




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@DeletedTry to set the captions language to English or Spanish. For other langugaes the transcript part is not displayed.

An other thing I saw in my tenants is, that transcript only works if the people switch is displayed in the videos option tab. Maybe a release ring issue or something else.

Hi @Tomislav Karafilov 


Thanks for the tips!!

I've done done all that, it is working now!! I've notices that the transcript won't appear till later on  (waited for about 40 mins) it does appear, however the script vs actual speech is far off.. still needs a lot of work behind it. I need to change almost every line in the VVT file to adjust to what the speech was actually on. Good experience but to much effort and work involved in it for small task.



Weird - I know the transcript built because I can download it, but for video playback I only have the option for "people" and to see the close captioning, but no option to "view transcript"
Look at the language of the transcript, not the language of the video. Currently only English and Spanish are supported for transcript language.

Hi@Tomislav Karafilov 


I am not sure what you mean by Audio Tab. I have the trabscript policy setup in the backend and I have the policy applied to 2 users to test however both menus miss the start transcript menu option. All i get is Start recrding and the other options.