Transcript not appearing with Lavalier Mics

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I am trying to understand why my transcript does not load properly, or at all, when loaded with a lavalier mic. I have tested a couple loads with wmv and mp4 files.

I have also loaded video utilizing a snowball 360 mic, which works.  But I much prefer to use a lavalier mic, which gives crisp audio and no ambient noises in the background.


Can you please advise?





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@mschmitt2377 - Can you explain more about your issue?


Are you saying that when you record a video with a specific lavalier mic, the transcript isn't generated at all or are you saying it's inaccurate? 


As long as the sound is clear on the video we should be able to generate a transcript for it, unless you are creating the video differently from your video editing program where the audio track is in some alternate track of the video that Stream isn't picking up?