Transcript is taking much longer than usual

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I just started to use Stream today in order to generate and edit captions. I am trying to access the transcript so I can start editing the captions. I uploaded two videos to my page almost an hour ago and the transcript box still says that it is taking longer than usual to generate the transcript. I have been checking fairly regularly and I have refreshed the page multiple times with no success. 


I am not sure if there's an issue with Stream for everyone or if it's just me and if there's something I can do about it. So far as I checked, through my school's account, I am able to use Stream. Any help would be appreciated!

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I had this problem yesterday also. When I came back to it today, it was finished. But that being said, I had more that I downloaded at the end of the day and they did NOT, so I was looking here for solutions on how to refresh it, since that is what the box recommends. I wonder if my MS logged out due to inactivity and that messed up the process?? I'm gonna give it awhile while I'm working on it today, downloading another, and see which finishes first. If the older one doesn't go through, I'll just download it again I guess. @mssubhed 

@mssubhed  I've been having this problem recently.  It's not on all videos, and it doesn't seem to be a matter of length (I had the problem with a 3 minute video.) 


I'd like to know what could be causing this, since it seems to be random.