Transcript available for some but not for all

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Hi Community

i wonder if anyone can help.


A colleague wanted to add captions for those with hearing impediments to a HR training video. i advised the user to use Microsoft stream which produces transcripts in line with the video which also be downloaded, the first line of the transcript  (webvtt) would have to be removed and the . replaced with , and saved as an srt file.


however when the user uploads a video , she cannot see any transcript.


if she clicks on the cog to the right of view settings, she only see's theatre mode, whereas i can  see hide transcripts and hide people. i don't have admin rights.


if you navigate to edit

we can see that autogenerate captions is enabled and the default language is in english.


i'm stumped and to make matters worse, our o365 administrator is currently off sick  so i cannot get an answer.


is it possible that the admin can set who can view transcripts. I've tried investigating on this subject in this community, but it looks like as it's relatively new feature there is not much information about it.

i appreciate any help

many thanks


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We generate the closed caption VTT file for every video you upload as long as you tell us the speaking is in English/Spanish and the video is an MP4 or WMV. (See here for more info:


However, we only show the transcript next to the video on the player page if the user watching the video has an O365 E5, Stream Plan 2, or Stream trial license. It's likely that you have one of those licesnses that gives you the advanced transcript features, while the other user does not.


For more info on licensing see here:


Hi Marc

Thanks for the feedback. I can confirm that my colleague does have the language set to Uk and the format is MP4.


I will check out our licences.


Many thanks



Hi Marc

I salute  and thank you. Yes it was due to a licensing issue. My colleague was enrolled in the E3 licence which included stream but there is a separate licence for Microsoft Stream which allows for transcripts and face detection.  Once she was added she could view and download the transcripts.


My administrator found this very useful licensing model. (see attachment).


thanks for your help