Track Who join to live event

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Hello, I would like to know if I can track who was present at a live event.


With the pandemic, in the company I work for we are doing live broadcasts with our leaders to the employees. Before, I did it for Teams using Teams itself as an encoder. When I do it this way, at the end of the event, he gives me a list of the users who participated/entered to see the broadcast. Has a checkbox to give me attendee report.


As the transmissions became more professional, I had to go to an external encoder. Even creating the transmission by Teams with an external encoder, it uses the Stream platform to transmit, and the check box does not appear to generate the attendee report.


When the live ends, I don't have a report of who participated / joined to watch the broadcast. I can only see the total number of views, but not who was the person who viewed it.


Is there any way to get this report?

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I also have this issue. I can't find a solution for it anywhere. We are running our events with a production company and broadcasting through the Live Event with an encoder. So I can only see the total number of views and can't find the list of attendees names anywhere.