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I have been asked to index our Stream videos. 

They are recordings of training (Teams meetngs)  we had on our Dynamics solution.

I need to be able to add a Table of Contents type list so that the users can click on a time/section and jump to it in the recording.

It can be done in YouTube, but when i tried to upload a recording - I got an error message that the recording was too long - the sessions are about 2 - 3 hours long.

Is there a way I can achieve this?

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Figured it out - just add the time in the "Edit Details" section :) @Mandy Lightfoot 

@Mandy Lightfoot When you write, "the 'Edit Details' section," what are you referring to? Classic Stream? Modern Stream? Hosting in OneDrive or SharePoint? Other? Could you add a screenshot? Thank you.

@Tom Braman - Click the App Launcher (O365) and click on Stream - Locate your Video. Once selected, you can EDIT details, and insert time stamps, I usually have the video playing on one screen and I update the details on another screen.  I also increase the play back speed - images attached

For videos in SharePoint and OneDrive a new table of contents feature is on the roadmap to start rollout around March.
Here in this Ignite video from last year you can see the Table of Contents feature and how it looks in the player. The manual version of this where you as the owner of the video can manually add chapters is on the roadmap for March.