Thumbnail stays over video

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I have just started using Stream and uploaded a few videos to a channel that was created within one of my groups.  I also uploaded my own image to use as the thumbnail for the video.  When I play the videos the thumbnail stays over the playing video with the Stream logo circling.  I suspect that the video is trying to load while playing, but with the thumbnail over the player it is difficult to even pause the video until it loads.  Any words of wisdom?

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I've just received notice that our IE 11 users are experiencing this since launching the site to employees last week. I don't recall running into this during our testing last month. Mixed results on Firefox, but that is due to some old versions. Chrome appears to be fine. 


We are experiencing the same as Mike Smith. The loading animation keeps circling over the thumbnail image while the audio is playing in the background. Sometimes you can watch a video with no problem. But, in clicking from one video to the next to watch, the issue seems to happen.


The issue also appears to happen more frequently to some videos over the others. Doesn't seem to correlate to video length.


I wish we could upgrade to a newer browser, but we still have Windows 7 OS.

I am using IE 11 on Windows 7 Professional SP1