Teams recording playback has audio for others but not me

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In a teams call I can see/be seen and can hear/be heard perfectly well.  However when I record a teams call, the playback for me has no audio.  Other colleagues can hear the audio fine, so the recording HAS captured it.  How can I hear perfectly well via the laptop during the call then have no audio from the playback? 

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Never heard that one before. No additional hardware involved? What if you play a random .mp4 file, do you hear it then? Could be some driver related issue too. If you haven't already try removing and reinstall Teams as well.

@ChristianJBergstrom Thanks for this Christian.  I tried an MP4 as you suggested and couldn't hear that either.  So I tried a headset and managed to get the sound through that (which hadn't previously worked on a live teams call itself but now does?!).  So although the mic and speakers in the laptop work fine for teams calls, I just can't seem to get pre-recorded sound played back direct from my laptop.  Very strange, but at least I have a workaround and can use a headset in all instances now.  So the problem does appear to be a laptop one so I'll reach out to my helpdesk.  Thanks again for the advice.