Teams recording not available

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Hello All,

I recorded two Teams meetings yesterday and I received notification that they were available via Microsoft Stream. When I click the link to view the video on Stream, it says I have no videos available? Also, the video was in the chat section of my meeting yesterday, but now it is gone. Any ideas as to where it is now?

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They have removed meeting recordings to stream on certain licenses. I think A1? You have to go to the meeting in your calendar or chat and download the meeting from the meeting info page now and upload it to onedrive or SP etc. to share.



China users got some issues I think, only affects tenants who are hosted outside of China, but have users accessing the service from within China, other than that, there could be a possibility your subscription does not have streams licenses; hence the video might store in calendrer itself. 

Depends, they posted this yesterday about A1, so depends on your case, but here are the details: