Students can remove video's from Stream channel

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These days we use Stream a lot to make video's for our children. Those video's are placed in channels in Stream and those channels are vissible in a tab in Microsoft Teams.


The members of the team do only have view permissions for the Channel in Stream. See screenshot 1.

But when a member from a team navigate to Stream and then visit the channel he can delete the movie from that channel. See screenshot 2. 


This totally unwanted behaviour because students can let video's dissapear from the Channel in Stream and in Teams the video isn't vissible anymore.


I saw an old threat in the Techcommunity with the same question and @Marc Mroz was replying dat viewers can't delete video's from the channel. But that is not true.


Do I mis something? Or is this expected behaviour?

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Just tested this myself and yes this is what happens.  They cannot however edit the details of the video or delete, but I agree with you, members should not be able to modify videos shared to channels.  That should only be allowed by group owners. @Marc Mroz @Maurits Knoppert 

@Scott Tupper 

Thank you for your reply. Today I did some more testing en reading some blogposts.

There was one setting I didn't looked at. That was a switch at the details from the stream group. See the screenshot.


Allow all members to contribute. When you disable this. Then can't members release a video from the channel.


So i have learned something new today.

@Scott Tupper  This whole platform is such a half-a** attempt lol  So many things wrong with it.  But its the only way my bosses can gauge to some extent (since their reporting page is broken, and they wont reply to my questions about it...) what our employees are watching and when.  We/I have to go through the Security & Compliance page to see some cryptic page about who watched what and when.