Stuck in trial ??

I'm really excited to try the new features announced today, unfortunately I've hit a small snag. I'm signed in as an E5 user, but stream keeps telling me at the top of the page that it's a trial, and I'm limited to videos under 1Gb. What can I do to get out of trial ?
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So sorry Steven - We noticed this bug this morning as well. We are caching some license stuff for ~hour before refreshing. As such for about an hour you'll look like you are still on trial/free, but refresh the page an hour later and it'll show you as full E plan user.


We are working on a fix, but it's only temporary that you get identified incorrectly.

Cheers Mark, looking forward to see this transcription and face detection, which I can only assume is technically achieved using magic.

Technically it's maaaagic!

That worked Marc, an hour later and I'm no longer a Trial.

Great. Let us know how you like the automatic closed captions, deep search, and face detection.


Remember for the automatic closed captions/deep search you need to tell Stream what language your video is in. (Right now we only support english and spanish).