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Uploaded to Stream an MP4 video created in Skype for Business, size about 146MB, length about 40 minutes, upload was successful but processing did not proceed beyond 0% after a long wait/leaving to do other tasks.


Took this MP4 video and re-encoded it using Handbrake, this resulted in a smaller file (40MB in size). Upload was successful, but again stuck at 0% processing.


Took another random MP4 video, size is 47MB, 10 minutes long, uploads fine but again stuck at 0% processing.


Other things tried: delete video and try again, publish


Help me determine if I am the problem or Stream is the Problem.


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Shortly after I completed documenting this problem, it began processing. It appears that processing does function, albeit after a long delay. Any idea as to cause of delay? I will tell users to upload the video then give it more time.

It does take some time to process videos depending on load of the system. About how long did you end up waiting before it was ready or you got the email?
Thanks for responding Marc. The wait time was approximately 20 minutes.
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That seems a bit longer than normal, but not outside the realm of possblity, depending on how much other traffic is going in the data center you are connected to.

I haven't heard of any more trouble from the end-user, so we'll mark this "resolved". If it happens again, I'll tag you to further troubleshoot. Thanks again for your fast assistance Marc.

I also have this problem. Sometimes the process starts after uploading. Other times it will never start, not even after several hours. I uploaded a bunch of videos last night. This morning they are still 0% processed. I have to delete them and upload again. That usually helps.


@jorbje  I am having this problem - I uploaded 1 and it processed normally.  I uploaded 4 in a row without waiting, and they all stayed at 0% for hours.  So I deleted all four and re-uploaded one.  It is still stuck at 0%. 

@Max Donner 

Thanks for posting this - I was wondering this same thing.  It has been at 0% for me for about 20 minutes on a ~140MB video file.  Just seems like I did something wrong.  Hoping I will get the same favorable result eventually, so I appreciate the post.

@Brent_EllisonI think the problem is with Stream. I've also been trying to add the same video for three hours now. It uploads successfully, but never progresses, stuck at 'Processing... 0%'. Don't know why they have to process a video that's already h.264 with aac audio anyway, which is the standard web format. Hey, someone at Microsoft, please restart the encoding process on the server!

@LexHawk Mine did complete - took about 30 minutes and then it was working.  In my case, there just wasn't any progress indicator, so it looked hung at 0%.  I think it would be better if it said something else - no percentage indicator and something like - may take some time to process or something instead, so you know it is working but not providing a measurement.  Anyways, all good now in my case.  They were MP4's.

This has just started happening today. Normally it takes about 3-5 minutes to process a video, but this one was hanging around for 30-40 minutes. One new thing is a message along the lines of "By continuing you agree that (i) your use of this feature complies with your organization’s applicable terms, (ii) you have the necessary rights and permissions from people in your video, and (iii) that your video will not violate the copyright, privacy or other rights of others." But there's not place to agree - is this part of a recent upgrade?

@LibrarianKathy  Same here. I have been trying to upload the video now for 3 hours. That notice popped up and went away, with me as well. However, I am still stuck. 

It finally loaded after about 2 hours. It was a 9 minutes video - not amusing!@sschilli 

I recall hearing about some cascading outages earlier this week.  a lot of their services were affected.  @LibrarianKathy 

Ah, perhaps that's it, because that was the first time we've had that problem.@Scott Tupper 

I'm glad this thread continues to be useful to other people!

@Max Donner this seems to still be an issue. Yesterday's 2 minute video never did process. Stream timed out overnight. I was able to come in this morning and delete and upload the video several times and finally it processed and we were able to view it. Today, we are again stalled out at 0%. I wish there was a way for me know if we are doing something wrong or if there is a problem with our connection or an issue with Stream. It is very frustrating! I would greatly appreciate any tips or hints on this issue. Thank you!


Having the same issue. Thought it was me. I'm trying to start a web series at work and everything has been a battle. Hopefully the war is over soon. Stuck on 0% i hope Microsoft fixes this issue. 

@shannonann66 Wish I could help. My take is that whatever server farm Microsoft Stream lives on, it can't always handle the load.


For all who are affected, it may be good to open up a support case through the O365 admin portal- even if it only happens once. I imagine enough cases opened would create incentive for them to look at it more closely.