Streaming via embed working intermittantly


I am trying to play videos in an online course (Storyline.) I'm using the embed code provided by Stream. Half the time the videos load and stream (although the load time seems too long) the other half, the videos do not stream I get a wait icon and they never load.

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Are you using Stream (Classic)? Stream (Classic) will retire in coming year or so. You should be putting your videos into SharePoint and getting the embed code for those if you need to put them into an internal web site. All the perf improvements and load time improvements for the last year+ have been going into videos in SharePoint.

@Marc Mroz Thank you, The project team I'm working with set this up in Classic. They have not given me access to the video source files (I've asked several times.) Therefore I cannot set up the video files in either version. I have been using the SharePoint version for new work I host in Stream but I don't have access to change the files set up by others in Classic.