Stream Videos won't play on IE 11

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I uploaded some videos last week and this week if we open the videos in IE11 we get the following error: 

It looks like there’s a problem.

Please try again or contact support.

(Error code 0x30400000)


I uploaded them in IE and was able to watch them last week... Anyone else see this issue?

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Im getting it on all my videos I am loading today now.. have never seen it before. Anyone know whats going on?
I am getting this behavior only on Win7 IE-11. Chrome on Win7 or Win10 have no issues.
Any update on this? Anyone else experiencing it?

As of this morning, it is working again for me in our tenant.

So sorry you all had to experience this issue. We discovered an issue in our latest version of our player that was causing playback issues in IE11 only. As soon as it was discovered we rolled back the build to the pervious known good one. 


We are looking into what we can do better in the future to prevent issues like this from happening.

This issue is back using IE 11 and Win7 computers and we have a ticket open with Microsoft.  We are a company of 45,000 and launched Stream 2 weeks ago and started getting complaints that IE 11 does not work, we are telling our employees to use Chrome.  No issue on IE 11 and Win 10, but that migration will take several years.  We tested Stream for several months and spoke with Marc Mroz on several occasions and did not see this issue during our testing.  Our consensus is that something changed over the past several weeks on the Stream/Microsoft side.  Microsoft needs to up their game with Customer Service and testing before rolling out changes.

@Marc Mroz I've had a client report the same problem coming back now. Other than raising a support request what can be done? It happens both in Stream and Office 365 Video.

I'm seeing the same behaviour here (Windows 7, IE 11... but works fine in Google Chrome)... the Microsoft Stream video looks like its ready to play, but the "cycling" (please wait) arrows don't ever stop... so the "play" button never appears.

I'm experiencing this problem at my organization as well. Videos play fine in Chrome, and IE11 on Windows 10. Windows 7 IE11 will not play. I see the thumbnail for the video, but when I click on it the loading icon just spins forever with no error message.


I found this test website to test the Azure Media Player, and when I visit that page in IE11/Win7 I get the following error "A network error caused the video download to fail part-way. Please check your network connection or try again later. (0x30200193)". There's also a verbose log it outputs that repeatedly says "warning: videojs: this.options() has been deprecated and will be moved to the constructor in 6.0" and then goes on to say "loading is failed for url"


I'm currently in an OU with absolutely no policy applied, I've done a factory reset on internet explorer, added all these sites to trusted sites, set security for the zone on the lowest possible setting, whitelisted my IP in the firewall and proxy, enabled SSL 2.0 and 3.0, disabled our antivirus, disabled pop-up blocker... not sure what else I can do. I've opened a case with Microsoft.

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I'm so sorry for my severe lack of responses on the forums here. We've been super busy lately and I haven't had the time to respond properly. Sorry!


For this specific issue with playback not working Stream, O365 Video, or Skype Meeting Broadcast on Win7 + IE11, the issue is that Adobe made some changes in Flash v30, that broke the Azure Media Player for AES encrypted playback using ABR.


PROBLEM: The issue only happens in cases where our flash player is needed (IE11+Win7) and when your update to the latest version of Adobe Flash (v30).


We are feverishly trying to find a solution to work around the changes that were made in flash. We've tried many solutions so far but none of them have worked. Each time the fix ends up working some times but not others and we end up with timing or decoding errors. We are also reaching out to Adobe for questions/help as well.


Here are the only known workarounds we've found so far...

  • Install Adobe Flash v 29
  • Utilize a browser that supports MSE (Edge/Firefox/or chrome)
  • Admin can select specific domains to allow the functionality that Flash 30 is blocking
    • EnableInsecureByteArrayShareableDomain
    • Short Description: Allows Administrators to override the Flash Player 30 and above default behavior of restricting the “shareable” property of the ActionScript ByteArray API class on a per-domain basis


I was able to get videos working in Windows 7 by modifying the following file



I added these entries to the file




I added the same entries to the this file as well, though it doesn't appear to be utilizing it since the browser isn't 64bit



Please keep in mind, this is opening up the vulnerability that was patched by Adobe (for this specific domain). Do this at your own risk.

Just checking in to confirm we are experiencing exactly the same Win7 IE11 issue with video playback from stream, and are also having to use Chrome as a work round.


This is irritating and needs sorting.

Same issue here.


As functional as Stream is, I can't even mention it around here again while keeping any credibility. Every time I attempt to use it, even for the simplest of solutions, there is some reason why it won't work and they ultimately have to use another system.


Each time this happens, it confirms in the minds of the already skeptical that this not a "real" platform to be taken seriously undermining all of my efforts engage people with Office 365 (mostly against their better judgement). Directing people to use what they already consider to be a better browser (Chrome), just to get basic functions to work (like playing a video), doesn't do a whole lot to help either. Internet Explorer and Windows are Microsoft products after all...

Hi all - yes, we have this issue too. We can get it working with "" applied to that cfg file... but it is very finicky.


That is, it will never work when you access the Stream video embedded in Yammer. But, if you have Stream open already, and then open up that Yammer feed in a new tab (...same browser), then the Yammer Stream video does work. Odd, and it seems as though the embed function wants the video available already to work.


I have contacted Microsoft about this, and they noted if it's a 364 bit OS, then it should work in IE 64 bit, which isn't our default for IE (it's 32). Anyway, just my findings and frustrating testing. I'll post some feedback from MS below in another post....


Service degradation

User impact:

Users are unable to play videos from Microsoft Stream or Office 365 video when using a specific browser configuration.

Latest message:

Title: Can't play videos from Microsoft Stream or Office 365 Video User Impact: Users are unable to play videos from Microsoft Stream or Office 365 video when using a specific browser configuration. More info: Affected users may circumvent this problem by accessing video content with an alternative operating system (OS) or browser. If the above workaround is not an option for your organization, admins may choose to follow the steps provided by Adobe via the following support article to mitigate the impact: Current status: We encountered an issue with our initial fix and are continuing to investigate how to resolve it. In parallel, we're continuing to work with our partners at Adobe to produce a solution and gather additional diagnostic data for a long-term fix. In the interim, we encourage affected users to try accessing the content from a different OS or browser version. Scope of impact: This issue is specific to Windows 7 users working on Internet Explorer 11 with Adobe Flash Player version 30 installed. Start time: Tuesday, June 12, 2018, at 8:26 AM UTC Preliminary root cause: A feature was disabled in Adobe Flash Player version 30 that the Azure Media Player depends on, resulting in impact.

Any update on this issue?

I had a conference call with Marc Mroz on the Stream team July 13, Marc felt this is going to take some time and they are approaching this from 2 different angles.  Each angle will require testing and then implementation into the Stream and Skype Meeting Broadcast applications (both apps do not work with IE 11 and Win 7).  Microsoft is blaming Adobe Flash 30 as the issue. 

I am experiencing this issue on Windows 10 + IE11. Most of the notes here are targeted towards Win7 Machines, but any ideas as to why this is an issue in Win10?

Hello, we have not had an issue with IE 11 and WIN 10.  Have you opened a ticket with Microsoft ?