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I have noticed a handful of old forum post and questions asking about this feature in MS Stream. Is this a thing yet? My company does a lot of product approval videos. We just started using MS Teams/Sharepoint/Office365. Stream has become one of the best ways to share the videos internally for our team. However, there are times we need to send to the client for approval. How does one do this? Thank you!

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Not supported yet. I would keep an eye on ignite for an update.

In the meantime your only option will be to utilize SharePoint / Onedrive library and use the share button on a video to share externally.

@Chris Webb Given the times we live in now with remote work and isolation due to COVID-19 there is an extreme need to share MS Teams meeting recordings to external customers.


I work for Adobe Systems and we have found that using MS Teams for screen sharing is by far the best performing service for customer engagements and software demos.

Not having a way to share the recordings and the wonderful options in streams such as captions is a great shame.

Downloading and uploading 1-3 hour sessions is not a solution.


Is this being raise up the flag pole as COVID-19 and a need to share recordings is a global issue?

Cheers JB

How does this work exactly?
No idea on priority or release but they are working on making video's accessible externally.

@Chris Webb this is going to be an extreme priority for Adobe.


Who can I get from our Leadership to increase the business impact moving this forward will have.


I am sure Adobe is not the only major company seeking this solution to market ASAP.



Hi @Chris Webb we are working on public sharing of videos for Q4 of this calendar year.  This is in our public roadmap at  Thank you for the feedback!  

In addition, video owners can download the mp4 from Stream, upload that to another platform like OneDrive for Business or SharePoint, and then share that item with guest permissions.

Was just about to suggest this. Jinx! lol.
Is there a timeline for this feature addition? I have many customers asking about better integrations with access to upload content directly to it via FTP or an integrated panel from Adobe Premiere Pro. And have the ability to share a specific email outside the org to watch the MS stream.

Hi @thejbfactor, sharing videos externally is something that is available on New Stream described here - 


Please note external video sharing is not being added to Classic Stream.