Stream videos not playing

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Hi.  I am sorry to ask a newbie question, but I am having trouble uploading a video to Stream.  Everything appears to be ok until I try to play it.  The video is in MP4 format and is only about 57 seconds long.  It plays the first 7 seconds then the red arrows just keep turning.  Can anyone help? I am sure that I have just done something wrong.

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Have you tried uploading any other videos and see if they have the same problem? 


I'm wondering if it's an issue with the specific video itself that is causing the problem.  (If you want to send me a private message and are able to send me the video, I can upload it to our test envrionments and see if I get the same issue).


If you have someone else try and play that video do they have the same issue at roughly 7 seconds into it as well?


Have you tried playing from some other browser, does it happen there? What browser are you using now?