Stream Videos embedded in SharePoint (Online) Pages don't work or are formatted wrong.

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Subtitle: How do you properly embed videos in SharePoint? 


Issue 1: Size and Format

When posting a Stream Video to a SharePoint Page, the video doesn't fit properly in the web element and appears to be a 4:3 ratio. The boundaries of the element do not fill the width of the window and there's always a huge blank white space above the video about double the height of the video element. 

In contrast, when I upload a video to the File Viewer element, the video properly fills the width of the page, appears to be a 16:9 ratio, and otherwise doesn't interfere with the other elements. Although, not all browsers are able to display this video inline and require that you select the file to open in a new window. So, it's not really an embedded element. 


Issue 2: Cookies

Evidently Stream requires cookies? This is a major issue. How can I disable cookies for Streams?

For desktop Firefox and Edge, there's no issue viewing the video. In Safari (desktop and iOS) and Edge (iOS), it's required to go to settings to disable 'cross-site tracking' to view a video. On mobile browsers, once the cookies have been disabled, it takes 5-10 seconds for a huge blank area above the video (3x the size of the video) window to go away. 

More concerning, I can not view a Stream Video in the SharePoint iOS app because of cookies. "It looks like there's a problem. A setting in your browser is blocking cookies. Please disable this setting or open in a new window." There's no way to disable cookies in the SharePoint iOS app so I'm unable to view the Stream Video. 


I've tried every way to embed a video that I'm aware of. The Stream element for SharePoint just requires a link to the video. I've used the embedded content element with a number of variations to the code. I've also tried O365Video but that seems to be a dead function. 


I've emailed support numerous times but they continue to point fingers at other departments. 

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