Stream video shared on Yammer : display KO on mobile app'

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We cannot watch videos within the Yammer mobile app' :

- a "Working ..." link is displayed

- on tap: the user is redirected to


Is it a set up matter, or is it an issue to be solved?



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When you share videos on Stream to Yammer they currently only work in Yammer web, not any of the apps, sorry.


We are working to find a way to get our embedded video player from Stream to automatically sign in and play the video from within the Yammer mobile app. So far it's been difficult to track down a technical solution that works in all cases across how customers have setup authentication and how authentication happens in various mobile apps like Yammer, Teams, SharePoint.


@Saili Raje is the PM from our team that's working this problem. We are making progress, we have a new idea from one of our partner teams that we are going to be doing a quick prototype to try out. I'm hoping we are close to figuring out how to solve this.

@Marc Mroz;
Has this been resolved yet?

We haven't resolved this yet. We've come up with a technical solution now though so we have a path so that the Yammer app can auth directly on the Stream video. However we need to work with the Yammer team to prioritize the work and implement the technical solution we finally discovered.

Hi Marc


Are there any more update on the plans around this?  Its a bit of a barrier to linking videos from Stream to Yammer in our company. 



Any updates?

It's 2019... Workplace, Chatter etc. got support for this in their mobile apps. We need to get video working for users with the mobile app.

@Marc Mroz 


When can we expect to have this resolved?