Stream video freezing?

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I have a coworker who started working from home and now says Stream videos freeze after 60-75 seconds in, it just spins and won't play the full video. All other streaming programs are working fine, YouTube etc., the only issue is Stream. Any ideas?

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Hi @TomOnStream, we are not experiencing any wide scale events for playback today, but there may be intermittent issues due to this period of unprecedented usage we are seeing.  Please let me know if this issue persists?

I have the same issue.
It's looks like there is two loading bar (white and grey) and it freezes when I catch up with the grey one.

It's really frustrating when you need to refresh the page every 1-2 minutes.

It started 3-4 weeks ago. Did not have this problem before.

@forestpas3 Please work with your IT admin to submit a support ticket. If you get your session info from Stream for an instance when you encountered this it would expedite the investigation with support. 


When you have this issue happen when playing a video in Stream, go to ? > About Microsoft Stream > Copy the Client Session ID and have that sent on with the support ticket your IT admin creates.