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I can't see any update on here since 2017 around Stream video analytics!
It looks like as a user you can see individual views on the videos posted itself  but it would be really good if it could be served up as some sort of analytics dashboard so you can see in one view the most played you have uploaded.

One better would be for  the reporting in the admin centre 
TO have this as a report like the recently added Form App  report

Does anyone know anything about that or if it is coming?

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Hi @Mandy Clark

Enhanced analytics is coming Q3 CY2020 as confirmed on the roadmap

Today, you can pull analytics but this is either from the Stream Admin portal or the Audit log in the 365 security and compliance centre.

Whether the enhanced analytics will be a usage report? Hopefully, if not as a report in the stream admin centre. Also API’s are coming for Stream later in the year too so, fingers crossed to be able to make some dashboards with that

Hope that answers your question,

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  Thats awesome thanks so much for the update  very useful ;)

@Christopher Hoard, do you know if Stream advanced analytics will cover live event engagement? Those analytics are pretty weak right now. 

Hey @Darrell Webster - I don't know personally. Maybe it's something @Marc Mroz can confirm for us?


Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  I saw this was canceled but the following was added:


New Microsoft Stream: Analytics for videos for videos in OneDrive and SharePoint

Viewer analytics / statistics at the file level for videos stored in OneDrive and SharePoint via the existing SharePoint file platform analytics that show a trend of unique visitors and total views for a video overtime, as well as who watched the video.

  • Feature ID: 68815
  • Added to Roadmap: 9/22/2020
  • Last Modified: 9/22/2020
  • Tags: Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant), Microsoft Stream, General Availability

Any idea where to find these analytics?

@melrizzuto - We weren't quite sure the best way to change around the public roadmap that was easiest to understand, we landed on what you see. We cancelled a few long standing items and opened new items and marked them as launched under "the new Stream" / OneDrive and SharePoint.


For your question about analytics, if you upload a video file to OneDrive or SharePoint today you get a base case set of analytics (trend of views and visitors over time), you can enable a setting to see WHO watched, and you get site analytics as well. 


This screenshot is taken directly out of a demo tenant in production, these stats are already available today for any videos uploaded to OneDrive or SharePoint. 



@Marc Mroz Thanks. Does this mean a video uploaded directly into Stream will not have these options? I am not sure where to see those videos in SharePoint. If it's possible to see Stream data through SharePoint/OneDrive, I can request more access from my administrator.


All I see now is this:



@melrizzuto - That is correct you won't be able to get these new analytics from the current Stream (Classic). It's only available for videos uploaded to OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, etc (the New Stream).


The new Microsoft Stream is going to be built on SharePoint. You can start uploading your videos in M365 directly like any other file and over time we'll provide customers with a way to migrate their content out of Stream (Classic) to the new Stream and stored in SharePoint / OneDrive.




To follow on from Mark's post, here is the confirmation of video analytics highlighted in the new experience




Hope that helps,


Best, Chris

How do make these analytics available for (the recordings for in) OneDrive?