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Hello, I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn' find any other instances.


We have a company that will be brought into our O365 Tenant.  We will not want this company of approximatley 300 employees to have access to  our existing public, companywide videos.  We will need to change the Stream groups from Public to Private.  However, we still want all of our existing employees, approximately 4000, to have access to the videos... I don't think it is realistic to add the 4000 users to an existing group...  And we have several existing Stream groups that will need to be segregated from this new company.  I was looking to see if there is a way to add AD groups within the O365 group that is created in Stream, but it looks like nesting is not possible.  Is there any solution to allow more than one group to share access to the same Private video content in Stream?

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One solution is to remove Stream licenses, but you need to be aware that these 300 employees can get a trial from Stream web page and access all public content.

Our situation is that we want to publish corporate videos, but we don't want our external partners with our Office365 license to see these videos and there is no any reasonable way to limit their access to Stream. The only solution is to create a private group for the whole company, but that's not we found reasonable to do.

Thanks Nikita.  I actually tried removing the Stream license.  Although the Stream app is removed from the O365 App launcher, if they user goes directly to they can still get to the public video.

Yet another reason that Companywide channels arent really a good model. Its fine to have maybe one or two, but the Stream Only channels or whatever they are called need to be put in place, so you can designate Owners, Contributors, and Viewers independently of O365 Groups, and limited from All Company.

I don't think its a problem of companywide channels. It's normal to have public groups or companywide content, but in some occasions you just need to limit who has access to a service.


Usually you can control access by the distribution of licenses, but for some unclear reason Microsoft has decided to leave a back door in Stream service. We decided to wait until MS will solve this issue.

Today the only groups in Stream we support are O365 Groups, which can be public or private, and do not support nesting of O365 Groups or AD Security groups as members of the group. As such I think the only option would be to disable access for these users to Stream all together.


If you remove their Stream license via O365 Admin user UI or via PowerShell the only way they'd have access is if they went to Stream directly and signed up for a free trial. If you want to block the free trials there is a way, however the method blocks ad-hoc sign ups of all free trials (PowerBI, Flow, PowerApps, etc). If this is okay for you to block all ad-hoc trials here are the instructions:

Thank you Marc!!! That worked for us. I advice you to update your documentation, because instructions given there block Stream access for absolutely all users and Premier support was not able to give us any alternative solution.