Stream Uservoice?

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Is there going to be a Stream Uservoice page added or will the Office 365 Video be rebranded? There are some great features that are already upvoated but not integrated (like Playlists) that I would hate to seee lost in the "rebranding" since they are technically differnt products.

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There is a 'Microsoft Stream Ideas' place instead that might be the replacement.  People can upvote suggestions and add their own.

Wonder why this is the case. I was confused when I was first looking for Stream on Uservoice. Raises the question as to whether new products will be getting moved here or if Stream is different because it's less Enterprise-y and open to non-Office 365 registration (like Flow).

Came across this thread when looking for the same thing, but that doesn't look like a Microsoft UserVoice.

I think this is the place for Microsoft Stream suggestions

uservoice is being discontinued this year.

I attended the monthly MS Stream customer connection meeting & they confirmed they have been using the Stream Ideas link that was posted by Cian & Steffan, and will continue to do so.

@Star_D sounds good thanks. I haven't been tracking the topic of Stream & enhancements/suggestions ever since my post in this thread about 2 years ago, but good to know and I'll relay the insights to my colleagues who still cover Stream and more broadly M365.