Stream trial expiring?!

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My admin received this via the Admin center today.  Our company has a mix of E3 and E5 licenses mostly E3.  Could this just be a general statement letting us know that we are losing the added features of a E5 license?



Your Microsoft Stream Trial is expiring


Plan For Change

Published On : April 4, 2018

Action required by April 15, 2018

We hope you had an opportunity to explore the features and functionality of your Microsoft Stream Trial. We encourage you to continue using Stream as part of your Office 365 plan.

How does this affect me?

Your Microsoft Stream Trial is expiring on April 15, 2018. You will have a 30-day in-grace period allowing you to continue accessing the features of the Microsoft Stream Trial. Once the Microsoft Stream Trial is disabled, your users may notice some features are no longer available. These features include: speech to text transcription, and people detection in videos.

Beginning May 15, 2018, your trial subscription will be disabled and users will lose access to this subscription.

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Sort of. This means that users who are E3 users but are currently seeing E5 features in Stream (People timeline from face detection, searchable transcript next to a video, deep search across Stream based on what's said in the video), will no longer be able to see/use those features. They are seeing the E5 features because they have the "Stream Trial" license added to them in addition to their E3 license. We are basically putting a time limit on the "Stream trial" license to only give you E5 capabilities for a specific time period.



When Stream was released in preview we only had a "Free trial" license for Stream, it wasn't automatically included in O365 E3/E5/A3/A5, etc. That "free trial" license gave users access to all the fancy speech to text and face detection features. Because of how we launched Stream preview, many O365 users ended up having both their normal E/A license and this free Stream one. We are just getting around now to putting a time limit on that free Stream trial.

thats what I thought, thanks Marc!

I have also seen this message this week and ended with the same conclusion! Thanks for confirming Marc