Stream to share a video and make it available to anonymous users

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Is there a facility in Stream to share a video and make it available to anonymous users so that it can be embedded in different websites.



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No, not currently.  External sharing is something that's going to be worked on but not something we will see for a while, from what I gather.  Worth keeping an eye out on roadmap for updates. 


Also, @null null see this response for a few more insights:


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Cian is right, it's not available today. 


We did however move it up a bit in our priority list. We are doing some internal planning reviews of public anonymous access today. Hoping that development starts on this in next couple of months if everything goes well. 


Idea is the same as we mentioned last time. You could mark a video as public anonymous and grab an embed code to put on public site. Users don't need to log in to see the video. 


There will likely be a public streaming quota that this consumes, so you'd get some amount of public streaming included in your licensing but if you need more each moth you'd have to buy add-on.

I would like to just share my frustration that this is not available yet. 

We would all love to have this feature ready to be used. We've started technical design on this feature. I'm hoping we are able to start coding against this in Q3. Sorry!

I was just wondering why Office Mix required us to upload our videos to Stream and then made them inaccessible to the people in which they were created for?  Am I missing something in sharing these videos or is there no way to share them with my students?

without this functionality, we can't use this product. Cancelling my subscription now... please let us know when you release it. 



Could you please give us an update on the timeline for this added functionality? We moved our videos to Stream and need to share them via our external website (as well as internally), LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.


Your response would be greatly appreciated as my ELT and Marketing SVP are waiting for an answer from me.




The public external anonymous videos in Stream project got delayed as we we've been heads down working on live events and O365 Video to Stream migration over the last many months. Sorry about any of my optimistic (incorrect) timelines above.


We've recently significantly increased the size of our team, so I'm hoping we'll be able to start making quicker progress on more projects in parallel. 


Public anonymous is still high on our backlog but we've also uncovered some deeper architectural changes that might be necessary before we can enable a video to be watched from Stream by anyone in the world without a login. I'd say over the course of the next couple of months we'll have a better picture on what the timeline will be for this feature. Sorry I can't give any specific timelines other than an update on where we are at with it.

How does your update relate to this announcement: ?

I don't think the announcement will make a lot of sense if you can't share Stream video's anonymously.

You are correct, they are tied together. We'd need to build out the public anonymous video ability in Stream for that feature to be possible in Dynamics. Both are delayed at this point since the Stream side of the equation is delayed.

Glad to see I'm not the only one finding Microsoft's subscriptions offerings to be a giant, compartmentalised mess. Almost every time I google an issue or functionality I'm seeing I run across thread just like this - lots of users asking for what most of us would consider to be bare-minimum, as advertised functionality, and then a rep from Microsoft acknowledging that it doesn't exist, can't be done, or isn't in their function set.


I found this thread particularly funny as the rep claims they are working on other functionality for live streaming (something a minority of users would probably ask for) over secured video hosting with anonymous viewing (something almost every organisation would want to use, which should be standard functionality, ad very much what is highlighted and promised in their marketing material).


All in all I do sympathise, it must be difficult trying to catch up to the bare basics Google figured out with their suite 5 years ago.



Where this is extremely frustrating is that Stream is where Teams records it's meetings too.  Teams allows you to have people outside the organization join a meeting.  But there is no way for them to view the recording.  It feels like the teams at Mircosoft are out of sync. 

I'm convinced there is a room at MS HQ where developers lean back in big, comfortable chairs and laugh because people are actually trying to use their software. (This room is next to the team that searches for other software to steal copy, i.e., Netscape Navigator, WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations, etc; which is next to the room where teams buy software to ruin it, e.g., Skype, Nokia.)


Why would they release an app call Stream, when you can't stream anything to a public audience? Their software is all the same: full of bugs and not intuitive .

This looks to affect Microsoft Teams as the default video format from what I can tell is Stream.  When you record a Teams meeting I don't see a way to share that recording with participants since it saves the video in stream.  This is a problem and should be fixed as this functionality was available in Skype For Business.

Also you should at least allow us the ability to download the video in a format that we can share with others through a different medium.  This should be a basic functionality. 

@Aseem Nayar - If jump to the Teams meeting recording in Stream you'll see that if you are the owner of the video you can download the MP4 recording itself and put it on some other location. Stream supports download of the original uploaded video for owners only. 

Thanks I see that now.  I didn't know you had to go to My content first then download from there.

It would be nice to have a download link right on the video if you are the owner.  

Thanks for pointing it out though!

@Marc Mroz Any progress or updates yet on making videos on Microsoft Stream available to anyone on the internet?  This is much needed and will make MS Stream far more usable to companies.

Business case: selling Teams and did an intro on the solution with prospect today. Recorded it b/c one of their VP's had to miss the meeting and they wanted him to be able to see it. No Problem I said... now have to fall on my sword as I have no way to let him see the video. Too large to download and send, Too proprietary to download and then upload to a public forum like YouTube. Disappointing. 

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@Gustavo Moura de Sousa and everyone else. Thank you for your passion around this missing functionality. We still have external access (anonymous access, guest access, and federated access) as very high priorities, and once again have engineers actively working on these. We have obviously hit numerous starts and stops on our path to delivering anonymous access, not for lack of awareness or lack of desire to get this done, but due to other functionality that unexpectedly became a higher priority for regulatory and business reasons (e.g., GDPR, GOV cloud access, etc.). If you can use workarounds for now, thank for you doing so and your continued patience. If not, we understand, and hope you'll be willing to try Stream again once we have the functionality you need. 


Please note that we are not actively monitoring the suggestions at, as that site is managed by an unknown third party, not Microsoft. To submit your feedback on anonymous playback and other features you need in Stream, please use In particular, to add your support for anonymous public playback of Stream content, please upvote this idea:





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