Stream to share a video and make it available to anonymous users

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Is there a facility in Stream to share a video and make it available to anonymous users so that it can be embedded in different websites.



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This is a no brainer guys. Stream team needs to make this feature a priority.



They changed from Q4 2019 do Q4 2020.

@Gustavo Moura de Sousa 

year after year, just pushing forward... If Microsoft doesn't want to do it, better plainly say it and don't keep us waiting.


Seriously not sure how you can have something on a roadmap then just bump it a year like it's no big deal.

If it's not possible to allow public access, Live Events could allow us to do an RTMP push to other platform (like Youtube)
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@Gustavo Moura de Sousa and everyone else. Thank you for your passion around this missing functionality. We still have external access (anonymous access, guest access, and federated access) as very high priorities, and once again have engineers actively working on these. We have obviously hit numerous starts and stops on our path to delivering anonymous access, not for lack of awareness or lack of desire to get this done, but due to other functionality that unexpectedly became a higher priority for regulatory and business reasons (e.g., GDPR, GOV cloud access, etc.). If you can use workarounds for now, thank for you doing so and your continued patience. If not, we understand, and hope you'll be willing to try Stream again once we have the functionality you need. 


Please note that we are not actively monitoring the suggestions at, as that site is managed by an unknown third party, not Microsoft. To submit your feedback on anonymous playback and other features you need in Stream, please use In particular, to add your support for anonymous public playback of Stream content, please upvote this idea:





Thank you Chris, your reply is not very encouraging but clarifies the situation.

@jordigriera Agreed.  This has been a known issue for years.  It's almost comical how buggy the software is on rollout and how slow it is to fix the issues.  The running joke is that the triage team at MS is a few hamsters running on a wheel.  This is what happens when companies own too much of the market.  They stop having to put out good products.  The day of reckoning came to the US Car companies and MS's day will come too. 

Considering the current climate perhaps Microsoft should rethink and make this a real priority. We would love to be able to share a lot of our internal videos with our students parents to help them with their Education at home with the number of isolations. @Bruce Kraft Jr 

At least rework the policy wording in Teams. Streaming can be set to "Everyone" currently, that is misleading. To watch streaming event should not require authentication. 

Was this dropped?  The roadmap item is gone.


I guess Microsoft realises that it hasn't got the resources to compete with YT or Vimeo and just dropped the race. I think it's a mistake, but reality is tough. We won't wait any longer; it's over!


Stream (Classic) doesn't support for this. Stream (Classic) will be retired likely in 2024. Retirement date coming later this year or next.

Our got forward solution is Stream (on SharePoint), which is just uploading videos to SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams.

And that already supports anyone public links and guests like is possible for any other file.

So this is now supported but you have to upload your video to M365 not Stream (Classic).

@Marc Mroz 


That's not actually true. You still cannot embed the video into another page with anonymous access.


It even tells you this when you try:

"Only viewers with access will be able to view this video"

Oh sorry. Yes. We have anyone links with SharePoint and OneDrive but not anyone embed codes. I didn't realize this old thread was about embed, sorry!

@Marc Mroz  Is there a way for an external site to "preview" the external sharing link without embedding?  When I paste a video link from SP on a Whiteboard etc I can play the video directly. 


As you can tell I'm fishing for workarounds here :)