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How do I turn off Trending Videos... I have Many private groups and some are very secure but I see links to the secure group videos  appear in trending videos within the other groups. This is a huge security risk. I thought if you had a private group them the content in that group was only visible to members of that group.

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@gward92008Is it only you who can see the videos in 'Trending'? I would presume based on similar experiences in SharePoint that Trending is based on the current user.


Check with a user who does not have permission to the videos you have identified and see if they can see them in Trending.

@gward92008  Videos in Microsoft Stream are upload to Stream, not to groups or channels. They are "wired" to groups or channels or people. Please verify in the permission tab of the video properties that only the wanted group is owner or can display the Video. AND: The property "Allow everyone in your company to view this video" is off. If this is on, turn it off and change the setting "Default viewing permission during upload" to "Specific groups and people" in the Admin settings at "Content creatation" of Stream.