Stream "remembers" old Form timeline position when replacing Form

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So, I'm quite new to Stream and Forms, but I recently published a learning video, and wanted to add a simple evaluation form at the end of it. So I opened the video, added the forms info, and left the "position on timeline" as it was (at 00:16), presuming I could change it later.

So shock and horror when I discover that not only can I not alter the timeline position of my form, but even if I delete this form and add a new one, any form added to this video "inherits" this position of 00:16. It looks all hunky dory when the form is added, but after navigating to another video and back again, the new form is back at 00:16.


Anyone experienced this and know a good workaround for it? I presume that deleting the whole video and upload it again would do the trick, but I really would like to keep the statistics etc related to this specific video.

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