Stream Outage?

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Anyone else having issues with Stream content not loading - our users and including myself, its hit and miss. Going to My Content, Discover Video or Channels it returns

'The server encountered an error while searching for videos, please try again later'

Tried Multiple Browsers, InCognito mode etc...

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We are having the same issue.  Can access videos intermittently.

If there is an outage, Microsoft will post it here.  And at this time I do not see any being reported.


Thank you - I saw that link as well, and they didn't post any outage, however, there was definitely something causing issues earlier (everything seems normal now).  :smile: 

I checked that same link also, I posted here to see if I was the only one or if there were others. I don't see a good way to report issues to MS regarding. 
everything is normal this afternoon. Good to go again. @Scott Tupper