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If I upload a video, will my followers be notified by email? Can I set this somewhere?


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Unfortunately. we don't have notifications in Stream today. If they follow your channel they will see a new tag on the channel on the home page but not get an email.
Would love to see more user centric features like 'notifications' in Stream! #voteUP :)

Hello Marc,


Do we have an update on this feature request? Without the notification feature, every time I would upload a video in my channel, I have to tell my colleagues using Teams or Email. Instead it would be nice to get an notification in Teams stating a new video has been uploaded in the channel.




This would be great if followers could get notifications about a newly posted video in a channel - much better than emailing a link around!

@Martin Betschart  Yes, the 'follow' feature is pretty much useless in Stream (and Sharepoint). It essentially acts as a bookmark instead of creating any sort of notifications or actions when there's an update/addition to a channel (or site). Imagine if you followed or subscribed to a channel on youtube and never got any notifications when something was added. What a terrible user experience. We recently migrated to Stream from another tool and continue to receive complaints about how many features are not available in Stream compared to our previous solution. No metrics (delayed 1.5 years from the original road map timeline)? No notifications? No permissions at the channel level? We have 70,000 employees so we restrict upload access to maintain governance. We need to give specific people access to upload to their respective channels, not access to upload to ALL public channels in Stream. (We don't want someone in Finance to be able to upload videos to our CEO's channel.)

Do we have any update on this feature?

Any update on this? Microsoft should just provide a connector from Stream to Flow so we can arrange all notifications as we need them..

Hello @avi185, we do not have any further update at this time.  We are continually monitoring feedback on ideas like this, please upvote this idea to let us know at 

@Martin Betschart  This is a needed feature. please add in roadmap.