Stream Live Events on Yammer External Network?

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Is it possible to create and stream live events from a Yammer External Network? If not, is there any plan to provide this capability?



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Today if you want your video to be hosted/shown directly inside a Yammer group you need to start your event from Yammer and pick "External encoder" type of event. This pulls MS Stream into the flow with our embeded video player. Currently MS Stream doesn't support guests or external public anonymous video playback, so in this flow it's for sure not possible.


However if you instead created the event from an external yammer group and picked "quick start" that uses Teams for video delivery which *might* support this, but I'm not sure. My guess is that it's not supported. You could ask on the Yammer forums if you can even create a live event from an external network group or not, or maybe @Trista Kang can answer for sure.

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No, live events is only supported in O365 connected groups in Yammer for now.  We are also moving from external networks to external groups to better align with the rest of O365 infrastructure, so we will not be building this functionality in the future.

Hi @Trista Kang, Hi @Marc Mroz


Our organisation has several O365 accounts, that we've inherited from legacy contracts.

Is there a way to share Stream content / live broadcasts across several o365 accounts, as they're neither external nor guest viewers?


Thanks, Aidan

@Aidan, by multiple O365 accounts, do you mean multiple O365 tenants?

@Deleted - how are these users from the "inherited legacy contracts" treated in your AAD? Are they federated somehow? I'm just starting to spend time understanding guests and federated users more to see how we might handle them in Stream.

Hi @Marc ... Hi @Trista Kang,


We have 7 o365 tenants that we have inherited.  6 are federated, and one is road mapped to be on boarded to the main tenant.


We can access employees from across the tenants in AD and Skype, but products like Stream seem to be silo'd per tenant.


We currently Live Broadcast using YouTube Unlisted Events.  We'd love to use Stream, but we would need to be able to stream across all 6 tenants.


I hope this makes sense?

Thanks, Aidan