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I would like to use the Live Event option in Stream but I don't know what is an encoder. Is it an external device that I have to connect to my laptop? Or is it some kind of software that I have to install?


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Hi Marta!

Please see article here that will cover all the basics you need for encoders with Stream - as well as a list of supported encoders

Hope that answers your question!

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Hi, @Christopher Hoard 


Ok, I will read through the article, I think most of my doubts will be solved, if not, I will come back to you


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Now when we can create Live events in Teams and no encoder is necessary, why can't we use Teams as the encoder when creating the live event in Stream? Then we don't have to evaluate different encoders, do a purchase Project and package and distribute or turn off the ability to create live events from Stream. Making this possible will litterally save money.

Hi @Cloud-Pia, typically a group will use an encoder when they have a high production level event involving multiple cameras, microphones, etc.  If you don't need all this the best option is to use a Teams Quick Start live event described here -