Stream Inventory : Get stream video Properties

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Is there any APIs available  for stream admins to get the stream video details such as stream members by PowerShell, Graph API, connecters  or from admin center.


Any guidance on this is appreciated.

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@HARIKRISHNAN_P_K - There is not any direct supported way to do this for Stream (classic). As we move to the new Stream and everything is built on ODB/SPO then you'd have lots of options to do this via PowerShell/Graph API/3rd party tools, etc. Because videos will just be files in ODB/SPO.


One of the other folks in the Tech Community posted this that is not officially supported by Microsoft but is possible to run internal APIs as an admin in the browser, copy each of those values returned, and then consolidate into a list. It's not pretty but really the only thing that's even close to what you are asking.


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