Stream for Company Members w/ out O365?

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Hi, just trying to understand if Stream availability.


Our company is slowly migrating everyone to Office 365, but we still have some members who use Office 2016, etc. 


If I, as a O365 member, share a Stream video with people in my company, does everyone viewing the video need to have O365 or just a company email?



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Hi @sepyle1710,

Will reference this article

Stream comes within Office 365/Microsoft 365 licencing. At the moment, Stream doesn't allow anonymous viewing of videos (it will do in the future) so at this time everybody needs to be a part of the organisation and licenced. This includes the Stream mobile app.

In terms of the users not already migrated to Office 365, it is possible. They would need an Office 365 licence, but just Stream enabled on it in the period prior to their migration. In other words, because you haven't migrated them yet, you could add Stream within the licence, have everything else off, then add the Stream mobile app or get them to use the web app ( Considering all this, you may just want to roll out Stream at the same time as exchange/office.

The decision is yours based on what is best for you and your users!

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris